Professional Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting &Servicing

At MB Cycles we are the bicycle services professionals - with over 20 years of experience, our trained staff will assist you in choosing the correct bike for your needs. 

Time for a new bike? Buying a bike can be a huge decision. We aim to provide you with all of the information and guidance you need to make the process as easy as possible and come away with the perfect bike for you! We strongly believe that having the correct size bike is imperative to the quality and comfort of your ride (so important that we include the bike fit for FREE when you purchase any bike in our store).

Already have a bike but want it professionally fitted? We can do that as well! We can use our system to optimize your riding position to gain power, comfort and take care of any pre-existing injuries or niggles you may have. Fit Kit has a great Tri/TT function so we can help you position your Aero bars perfectly so that you are in the best aerodynamic position possible.

To book a bike fit - The fit will take approximately 1 hour. If you have Cycling shoes and clothes please bring them along. If not, please wear your joggers and we can provide you with some appropriate clothing. 

We have both male and female staff trained in the Fit Kit system, so if you would feel more comfortable with either or, please let us know when you make your booking.

Cost: $150 or FREE when you purchase any bike in store. To find out more about our bicycle services in Milton, just call on 07 3367 3488 or 
0437 100 470.
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